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Thanks to her professional background, Kendal has a strong understanding of communication and the importance of treating people as valued individuals. Her strengths lie in helping others to express themselves, and she brings this to Pretty Neat Studios in the form of exceptional customer service skills and the highest quality of assistance, helping clients to create products that really reflect who they are.  


Kendal’s love of design comes through in everything she does, from sewing and photography to renovating her holiday home in France. She also speaks near fluent French, and her flair for the language is the inspiration behind all of the Pretty Neat Studio Collection names. Très bon!


Meet Megan


Since creating her very first greetings card at the age of 10, Megan has been hooked on design. Her creative spark and love of all things paper led her to study Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art, where she discovered a new obsession- the laser cutter.

As a self-confessed perfectionist, Megan was drawn to the precise, intricate nature of laser cutting, as well as the beautiful designs it allowed her to create, and the endless possibilities it offered.

Megan dedicated her herself to mastering the technology, until graduating in 2012, when she went on to work for a large greetings card company. There she gained valuable insights into the inner world of commercial design- but the dream of starting her own creative company was what really kept her going.


Then, in 2014, the stars aligned to allow her to turn this dream into a reality. With the help of family and friends, Megan said goodbye to the day job, invested her savings and, after a lot of hard work, set up Pretty Neat Studios... with a laser cutter to finally call her own.

Although she was never given the encouragement at school to follow the artistic career of her dreams, Kendal has always been a creative at heart; even when she pursued a more academic path, her passion for colour, shape and texture couldn’t be quashed.

After 24 years working in the NHS, Pretty Neat Studios has been the perfect opportunity for Kendal to finally explore the world of design, bringing with her the valuable insights gained from working as an Occupational Therapist.

Meet Kendal